A Letter From Horizon’s CEO: Nova Scotia Tragedy

A senseless act of violence took place yesterday in our neighbouring province of Nova Scotia. This unthinkable tragedy, of which the details are still unfolding, has shocked and devasted Atlantic Canada and the entire country.

Our hearts go out to the victims, their family members, the first responders, health care workers and communities.   

During a tragedy, we are reminded of the importance of our dedicated staff of health professionals and first responders who worked tirelessly – and continue to work tirelessly – to help others during this extremely difficult time.

Our colleagues in N.S. are on the frontlines, dealing with immense loss, pain, and grief. Our thoughts are with them as they continue to provide the vital care their communities need.

We are living through a difficult time. One that keeps us isolated and separated from our friends and family. Despite this, we need to find ways to connect and be there for one another. I encourage you to virtually check-in on your friends, your family, and your colleagues.

Maritimers are known for their welcoming, friendly nature and their strong sense of community. But like anyone else, we hurt, and we mourn. Know that each person you interact with experiences loss and tragedy in a different way, so be kind. We will get through this, together.  


Karen McGrath
President and CEO