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Living in New Brunswick

Living in NBLife is lived better in New Brunswick where scenic ocean vistas meet beautiful riversides where you can enjoy a lazy tube ride or swim in some of the warmest saltwater in Canada.  Opportunities for outdoor pastimes are everywhere during all 4 of our spectacular seasons. 

Autumn festivities are bountiful, including the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival, and it is the best time of year to see more kinds of whales, more often than anywhere else.

You can experience alpine or cross-country skiing or take an exhilarating snowmobile ride in our provincial and national parks.

The spring season welcomes many bird-watching enthusiasts. Enjoy a feast of fresh fiddleheads and Atlantic salmon or experience spring fishing.

In New Brunswick you can live in an historic heritage home near downtown and walk to work, or own a country property and enjoy a short scenic commute. Either way, you'll never have to worry about bumper-to-bumper traffic again. Best of all, either option is just a fraction of the price paid for real estate in places like Toronto or Vancouver.

Families moving to New Brunswick have access to a wide range of high quality child care for less than in most of Canada's major centres. As Canada's only officially bilingual province, the public school system offers the opportunity to have your child educated in French or English, with a variety of immersion options available.

So live in one of our quiet, safe communities where you will be welcomed with the warm customs for which Maritimers are renowned. New Brunswick offers all the advantages of rural Atlantic life, coupled with the conveniences of world-class cities.

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